TALLINN JUNE 20 - 23 / 2011

Call for Workshops

We solicit tutorial and workshop proposals that address important and new topics related to the conference theme as well as robotics in general. Workshops should be focused on interactions of participants to exchange new ideas and explore new directions in research. Tutorials should provide self-contained descriptions of established research topics.

The primary criteria for selection are anticipated level of interest, impact, novelty or creativity, and technical background of presenters.

Proposals following the format below must be submitted as a PDF file via PaperPlaza by 21 March / 2011.

Proposal Format

  1. Title 2.       
  2. Abstract (less than 200 words, indicating full or half day, workshop or tutorial)
  3. Organizers (complete address, phone, and email)
  4. Presenters with affiliations and status of confirmation
  5. List of topics
  6. Motivation and objectives (less than 300 words)
  7. Primary/secondary audience

Please note that each section should be numbered and separated by blank lines.


February 4/2011 - extended until March 21 / 2011 - Workshop/tutorial proposal submission deadline

March 31/2011 - Notification of acceptance

April 15/2011 - A workshop/tutorial website should be established by each organizer and the URL should be submitted to the Workshops and Tutorials Co-Chairs.

April 15/2011 - A call for participations should be published on the website and in relevant mailing lists.

May 6/2011 - Program finalized for each workshop and tutorial

June 20/2011 - Final workshops and tutorials material (including a cover page and a table of contents) due ICAR 2011 in Tallinn.

For additional information please contact

Workshops and Tutorials Co-Chairs: Cecilia Lachi

Program Chair: Xiaobo

Publications Chair: Raj Madhavan

General Chair: Maarja Kruusmaa