TALLINN JUNE 20 - 23 / 2011

Best Student Paper Award

Both regular papers and special session papers had a chance to compete for the Best Student Paper Award. To be eligible, the first and primary author of the paper must had been a student and the paper had to be presented on the conference by the student author.

The awardee was decided based upon both the reviews of the paper and the final presentation at the conference and was announced on Best Student Paper Award Ceremony on Wednesday June 22nd.

The winner was awarded a Webots PRO package offered by Cyberbotics Ltd. that was handed over by Olivier Michel is the founder and CEO of Cyberbotics.

Cyberbotics is the leading company in mobile robot prototyping and simulation software. We develop and market Webots, the award winning fast prototyping and simulation software for mobile robotics. Developed since 1996, Webots became a reference software used by over 750 universities and research centers worldwide. Cyberbotics also develops custom simulation tools like the Aibo robot simulator which was developed for Sony Corp. and participate into European research projects, such as ICEA and RHEA.


Winner of the Best Student Paper Award:

Fatin Zaklouta

Zaklouta, Fatin(Mines - ParisTech), Stanciulescu, Bogdan (Mines - ParisTech)

Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition Using Spatially Weighted HOG Trees


Finalists of Best Student Paper Award:

Biyun Xie

Xie,Biyun (Beijing University of Technology), Zhao, Jing (Beijing university of technology), Liu, Yu (Beijing University of Technology)

Human-like Motion Planning for Robotic Arm System


Akihiro Kawamura

Kawamura, Akihiro(Kyushu University), Tahara, Kenji (Kyushu University), Kurazume, Ryo (Kyushu University), Hasegawa, Tsutomu (Kyushu University)

Dynamic Object Manipulation Using a Multi-Fingered Hand-Arm System: Enhancement of a Grasping Capability Using Relative Attitude Constraints of Fingers


Thi Hai Ha Dang

Dang, Thi-Hai-Ha(Evry University), Hutzler, Guillaume (Evry University), Hoppenot, Philippe (University of Evry)

Mobile Robot Emotion Expression with Motion base on MACE-GRACE Model


Amit Kumar Pandey

Pandey, Amit Kumar(LAAS-CNRS), Ali, Muhammad (LAAS-CNRS, University of Toulouse), Warnier, Matthieu (CNRS - LAAS), Alami, Rachid (CNRS)

Towards Multi-State Visuo-Spatial Reasoning Based Proactive Human-Robot Interaction